100 native Irish trees planted in the grounds of Dalgan

To close the Columban Centenary Year (1918-2018) the Columban Ecological Institute in December planted 100 native Irish provenance trees within the grounds of Dalgan, at the crossroads near Dowdstown House.

In November 2018, we organised a campaign which encouraged Columbans to donate €5 for the cost of one tree and thanks to their generosity, the amount collected was €335.

The money enabled us to purchase and plant the young trees as well as provide protection from the resident population of spirited and very hungry hares.

The native tree species were chosen for their high biodiversity value as well as for their winter berries, which are vital for birds when they are at their hungriest in winter.

The cultural and religious significance of the trees was also at the forefront of the selection process.

A plaque with information is due to be placed near the grove.