What we do

The Missionary Society of St Columbans is an international Catholic missionary society that crosses boundaries of culture and religion. In the countries where we work and here in Ireland, Columban Missionaries live and share the Gospel of Jesus through:

  • Working with poor and exploited peoples.
  • Seeking justice and dignity for migrants and those denied their rights.
  • Developing faith communities in the local church.
  • Promoting dialogue between Christians and those from other religions.
  • Growing a culture of peace.
  • Advocating respect and care for the earth and the environment.

We seek to transform all strata of human life through our evangelising work, opening up the horizons of humanity to the living mystery of God’s kingdom, and responding to the poor and suffering wherever they may be found. Columban mission calls us to a spirituality of listening, a life of prayer and community centred on Jesus whose presence nurtures and empowers us with a spirit of dialogue and boldness, understanding and reconciliation. We grow in contemplation and action with the support of Columban priests, sisters, lay missionaries, our companions in mission and friends, and all those whom we touch and who touch us with the gift of God’s saving love. In this section you will find information about our mission outreach in Ireland.