An Autumn Day in Dalgan With Dr John Feehan

During our Autumn Day 2022 we will explore again some of the wonders of this season of mists and mellow fruitfulness. We will look again with attentive eyes at leaf fall and autumn colour, and the production of fruits and seeds for next year’s growth. But this year we hope to look at little more closely at the hidden life in woodland leaf litter and soil.

An Autumn Day in Dalgan With Dr John Feehan

Saturday 1st October 2022 from 9.30am – 4.00pm in the Conference Hall, St Columban’s, Dalgan, Co Meath.

9.30 – 10.00am               Registration

10.00am – 11.10am        Introduction and lecture

11.10am – 11.30am        Tea and Coffee Break

11.30am – 12.30am        Outdoor walk and talk. Collection of material for afternoon observation with the microscopes

12.30pm – 2.00pm           Lunch

2.00pm – 4.00pm             Seeing the world with the new eyes of the microscope

Booking: Elizabeth McArdle  [email protected] Cost €20 (includes lunch)

Because of Covid restrictions and since numbers are limited to thirty, it is essential that you book your place on this day.

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