Cemetery Sunday 2023

May 3, 2023

Ten minutes walk from Dalgan’s front door, in the eastern corner of the grounds, is the Columban cemetery. Here more than 350 Irish Columbans, including our two co-founders, Bishop Edward Galvin (died February 1956) and Fr John Blowick (died June 1972), are buried, writes Fr Cyril Lovett SSC.

One side of the graveyard contains a mausoleum, its long wall covered in white marble containing the names, ages and place of burial of the more than 800 Columbans, those buried in Dalgan and in far-off missions from China to Fiji, from Korea to Chile.

We have a tradition of inviting relatives of all deceased Columbans to gather for Mass on Cemetery Sunday, usually the second Sunday of June each year.

During the Covid years we could not invite relatives to be present, but we began again last year and invitations are now being sent out to all the relatives whose addresses we know to join us on 11th June next for Mass at 3pm.

We may not have your address so please accept this invitation to join us for Mass in the cemetery on that day and for a cup of tea afterwards.

If you wish to ask any questions about your deceased relatives we would be happy to provide whatever information we have about them.

Dalgan Cemetery by Fr Ray Husband SSC

Standing in the midst of the headstones
Memories come flooding back of far away place of different shores.
Men strong and vigorous, enthused by Christ’s call to go “make
disciples of all nations”.

Years have passed their work is done, they rest now in anticipation
of another call to rise and join their Lord in joyful celebration.
Their journey now complete they lie side by side in Dalgan’s cemetery
serenaded by the blackbirds lonesome song.

A life well lived, treasured not forgotten.
Memories of far away shores join with the blackbirds song
in honouring you my Columban friends.

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