Columban Lay Missionaries host ‘Come & See’ day

Columban Lay Missionaries in Ireland are holding a ‘Come & See’ day in Dalgan Park in May.

The day is being co-ordinated by Kyung-Ja Lee and it aims to provide participants with an opportunity to learn about the life of Columban Lay Missionaries and to listen to what God is telling them.

It takes place on Saturday 4th May 2019 from 9.30am to 4pm.

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The Society of St Columban has been blessed by the generous lay persons who have worked with its members on mission. It continues to welcome laity as partners in mission and pledges itself to help them individually and in groups to fulfil their missionary vocation.

In 1978, Lay Missionaries (LMs) from Ireland were sent to Japan and the Philippines. In 1990, the Columban Lay Missionary programme commenced.

At present there are about 50 lay missionaries working in 9 different countries in areas such as pastoral work in parishes, building up Christian communities, working with migrants, caring for the environment, working with people affected with HIV/AIDS and interfaith dialogue.

Ireland has received lay missionaries from: Fiji, Philippines, Korea and Chile. Ireland has sent lay missionaries to Chile, the Philippines, Korea and Pakistan.

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