Q & A

What kind of people are likely to be interested in becoming a Columban lay missionary?

  • People who have experience of God’s love and are willing to share that love with others, especially with the poor and marginalised overseas.

Why is there an age restriction?

  • Working together in different cultures, learning new languages and thinking, all within an intercultural community requires a lot of flexibility and an ability to adapt. The older we get the less able we are to adapt to these big changes and demands.

How does a person discern a lay missionary vocation?

  • Through Come and See/Information days and regular meetings. We also request that you meet with a spiritual director and do pastoral or volunteer work during this time of discerning. After the certain period of time, there is an interview. If that goes well, you begin a nine-month long orientation programme.

Can you choose the country to which you are assigned for mission?

  • Many countries need missionaries. Therefore, you are sent to a country where missionaries are most needed in the Columban world. Presently, Columban priests are working in 15 countries and lay missionaries are working in 11 countries.