Columbans in the US call for renewed moral vision

Fr John Burger, Regional Director of the Columbans in the US, calls for a renewed moral vision in response to the assault on the Capitol in Washington earlier this month.

“For the last 103 years, the Missionary Society of St Columban has been engaged in the works of evangelisation, justice and mercy, striving to improve the lives of the poor in countries around the world. We have been shocked and saddened by the events of January 6th at the Capitol building, particularly the loss of life.”

“We pray that instead of sowing division and grasping at power, the new Congress and Administration will offer a more far-sighted example, and instead seize the opportunity to reason together to respond to our society’s many problems, with listening hearts, a generous spirit, a respect for each other’s rights, and reverence for each other’s lives.”

Read the full statement here: