Covid vaccine rollout at Dalgan Nursing Home

The residents, staff and management of our Nursing Home in Dalgan received the first injection of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine on Friday 8th January.

We were visited by the team from the HSE, who administered the vaccine.

The doctor who gave me the injection was a niece of the late Fr Michael Healy SSC. She said she held, “the Columbans in high regard and was delighted to be part of the team to administer the vaccine.”

There was a palpable joyful atmosphere in the air as both the residents and the staff received their injections.

Apart from sore arms, there were no major side effects.

We were among the first nursing homes in the Meath/Louth area to receive the vaccine.

The team will return on the 29th January to administer the second round.

It is a great blessing to have received the vaccine. I am grateful to the HSE for choosing the Dalgan Nursing Home to be among the first to receive the vaccine.

Thankfully all Columbans living outside of Dalgan are in good health and continue to comply with the lockdown restrictions and government regulations.

Fr Ray Husband