Feature on Fr James Maginn and Columban Martyrs in Korea

Columban martyr Fr James Maginn was featured in a recent edition of the Irish News.

The feature in ‘Faith Matters’ was prompted by a previous article on Ireland’s missionary tradition. It encouraged Mary Kane to share the remarkable story of Fr James Maginn, a relative of hers, with Irish News readers.

Fr Maginn grew up in Co Down. He was one of seven Columbans martyred in 1950, killed for their faith by Communist forces during the Korean War.

The seven Columbans have been referred for beatification.

In her article, Mary Kane recalls how Fr Maginn stayed with his parishioners to “defend the church until death”.

See the feature: Faith matters 191120

Read the article – ‘I hope to see you in Paradise’ – the last words of Co Down Columban martyr Fr James Maginn – here: https://www.irishnews.com/lifestyle/faithmatters/2020/11/19/news/-i-hope-to-see-you-in-paradise—the-last-words-of-columban-martyr-fr-james-maginn-2125062/

Read the article – Priests’ heroic martyrdom echoes across the decades – here: https://www.irishnews.com/paywall/tsb/irishnews/irishnews/irishnews/lifestyle/faithmatters/2020/11/19/news/priests-heroic-martyrdom-echoes-across-the-decades-2125052/content.html