Let us remember them

During the month of November we remember and pray for those we have lost during the past year.

We invite you to join us in prayer for those members of the worldwide Columban community who have died over the past 12 months.

They include the following Columban missionaries:


  • Fr. Seamus Egan
  • Fr. Aodh O’Halpin
  • Fr. Daniel O’Gorman
  • Fr. Patrick Dooher
  • Fr. Richard O’Sullivan
  • Fr. Noel Doyle
  • Fr. Patrick Clarke
  • Fr. Joe Houston
  • Fr. William Carrigan
  • Fr. Owen Doyle
  • Fr. Sean Corr
  • Fr. William Moran
  • Fr. Otto Imholte
  • Fr. Patrick McNicholas
  • Fr. Charles Meagher
  • Fr. Jim Mulroney
  • Sr. Patria Nagac Daomilas
  • Sr. Brigid Kingston
  • Sr. Abbie O’Sullivan

We also pray for our deceased benefactors, their families and friends. We give thanks to God for their lives and service to others.

May Jesus, in His mercy and compassion, open wide the doors of paradise and grant them a place in His presence forever – a place of peace, joy, and fullness of life.

Rest in Peace
Lord, be good to them,
And show them all your love.
Lord, be kind to them,
And grant them peace above.
Lord, be merciful to them,
And wipe their sins away.
Lord, be generous to them,
With all my heart I pray.
Lord, be gracious to them,
For the good that they have done.
Lord, be gentle to them,
For sufferings undergone.
Lord, may we meet again at last,
When heaven’s crown’s been won.

Fr Patrick Sayles SSC www.theprayertrust.org

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