Missionary Society of St Columban Annual Report

Sep 7, 2023

The Missionary Society of St Columban’s Annual Report for 2022-23 has just been published. Society Leader, Fr Tim Mulroy writes:

As I leafed through this Annual Report and reflected on Columban mission during this past year, I was struck by the multiple cords of concern and collaboration that stretch across our world, bringing help, healing and hope to those who are bruised and crushed.

Columbans in Japan provide a bridge for the Japanese people to express their compassion for the people of Pakistan, who continue to suffer greatly because of devastating floods last year. Burmese migrants in a remote island in Scotland remain faithful in channelling their compassion through the Columbans to suffering people, not only in their home country, but across the globe.

Caritas Chile and the Daughters of Charity work side by side with Columbans in ensuring that poor migrants from Venezuela, Ecuador and Peru can realise their dreams for a better future in Chile.

All our Columban benefactors and supporters continue to be an important part of this global network of solidarity. Through your compassion, generosity and prayers, the risen Christ embraces our world today.

Please be assured that Columban Missionaries remember you and your loved ones in our Masses and prayers.

Learn more about Columban mission in places like Myanmar where thanks to our donors and supporters:
– 70 men and 11 women (Total 81) received drug addiction therapy at the Rebirth Rehabilitation Centre during the year.
– 140 students attended our Mandalay Higher Education Centre.
– 943 pupils at our boarding houses, 120 children at the St Francis Xavier Orphanage in Myitkyina and 1,058 children in early childhood were provided with nutritional supplement.

Last year Pakistan was devastated by massive flooding in August 2022. Columbans helped some of those worst affected in the following ways:
– distributed a total of 1,743 food rations including mosquito nets, medical and sanitary kits.
– The TB Clinic in Badin admitted 176 T.B. patients to nearby hospitals and 1,253 outpatients were treated.
– Medical outreach teams have visited over 70 villages which have no direct access to doctors, and 8,754 patients were given free check-ups and medicines (mostly women and children).
– A housing project is in progress and aims to build 100 mud brick houses for families whose homes were destroyed or badly damaged by the flooding.

Read more about our work here:MSSC_ANNUAL REPORT_2023

Support Columban mission projects by sending a donation to: Columban Mission, the Far East Office, Dalgan Park, Navan, Co Meath C15 AY2Y. Alternatively, you can donate online at www.columbans.ie/donate or call 00353 46 909 8275.

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