Isidore: The Miracle of Jeju, Korea


Author Young Chul Yang writes:

All the articles that have been previously written about the development of Isidore have focused solely on Fr McGlinchey, I want to simultaneously put the spotlight on both the hero on the stage as well as on the people who were quietly working behind the stage.

Jeju has the least amount of human and material resources of all Korea. Neither does it have any accumulated assets.

The general regional development that took place in Jeju was already replicated on the mainland.

However, the development that took place in Isidore is unique in that it taught people from outside the island and even university professors the skill of breeding animals. It also revolutionised social welfare and has become a manual for others to learn from.

As well as showing the way in animal breeding, Isidore produced some of the finest products in all of Korea starting with the production of unique clothes at the Hallim knitwear factory.

Jeju citizens grew in self confidence and began to realise their inner strength as they developed their own region.

The Isidore development project showed that when people work in unison they can achieve great results while taking care to preserve their environment.

I believe that Isidore is a model of development not only for our country but for developing countries throughout the world.

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