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Murder in the Missions: A True Story


Fr Des Hartford from Co Dublin and Fr Rufus Halley from Co Waterford left Ireland in the 1960s to work in dialogue and conflict resolution between Muslim and Christian communities in the Philippines. For many years the priests lived peacefully as Christians in a Muslim-dominated region on the island of Mindanao, their mission not to convert but rather to serve the local people. But despite their commitment to peace and non-violence, both were targeted by Muslim insurgents. Fr Hartford was kidnapped by the Moro National Liberation Front and used as a bargaining tool in their negotiations with the Philippine government. Fr Halley was murdered by Islamic extremists. Recreated from interviews, diaries, letters and testimony, Murder in the Missions tells their story.


‘Murder in the Missions’ is the true story of two Irish Columban missionaries whose lives were forever changed when they moved to Mindanao in the Philippines, an island devastated by corruption and interreligious strife.

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