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The Turning Wheel


‘The Turning Wheel’ by Fr Frank Hoare is a history of the Columban missionaries’ work in Fiji over 65 years. It also traces the changes that happened in Fiji and in the Catholic Church there during that time.


‘The Turning Wheel’ traces the maturing of a Church which in the 1950s was completely dependent on missionaries but now is sending out its own missionaries. There are four parts in the book. Part I deals with the development of parishes and schools. Part II with the renewal that took place after Vatican II until the first coups in Fiji. Part III deals with the Columbans’ response to the coups and their mentoring of local missionaries, both ordained and lay. Part IV examines and evaluates the different aspects of the missionary work done over the 65 years. There are many human stories in the 300 pages of ‘The Turning Wheel’ and 149 photos to illustrate the text.

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