Reflections from our Columban seminarians: John Naw Graung

John Naw Graung from Myanmar is a Second Year Pre-Theology student at the Loyola School of Theology (LST) in Manila.

For me, being part of the Loyola School of Theology (LST) is an incredible opportunity to engage with different people, students from different religious communities and many countries, in order to share our experiences, our diverse cultures and help each other.

I see this is a great source of strength and I really value our differences and the beauty of diversity.

From my experience of studying with different students in the Loyola School of Theology (LST), one of the things I can share with you is the strength of cooperation among those who are quite different from one another.

For example, for the final group project paper on Metaphysics, I was grouped with three people working from their home country– one from Hong Kong, one from France and one from the Philippines. We are from different congregations and countries, but as one group we worked together online.

In order to succeed in our project, we worked and discussed together through Google video meeting most of the time. We listened to each other and shared our thoughts and opinions before we submitted our work to the professor.

We learned from each other. We listened to each other’s suggestions and feedback and this enabled us to do our work fruitfully and productively. Thus, we were able to accomplish our final group project successfully.

I feel this was because we embraced our diversity through working well together. I feel this is the beauty and the value of difference.

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