Thank You From the Bottom of our Hearts

The response to Fr Eamon Sheridan’s article about building a women’s dormitory in Myanmar’s Kachin State to help women with drug and alcohol addiction was phenomenal! The centre is part of a life-giving support programme which the Church offers drug addicts and alcoholics in the troubled region.

When I told people in the Rebirth Rehabilitation Centre that readers of the Far East had donated enough money to finish the building of the dormitory for women and not only that, we now had the resources to buy a new generator that will power the whole compound during the numerous power cuts – and we can install a much-needed transformer – they were dumbfounded.

“Why would people so far away care so much for us?” one person asked. The faith and generosity of the Far East readers has been amazing. Over recent months we have cried together here in the centre as the situation seemed to deteriorate and the world seemed to have forgotten as attention moved to the next disaster. However, your generosity has lifted our spirits and restored our faith in the goodness that is in people.

Every evening we pray the rosary together and we always pray for our donors. Once a week we offer mass for the intentions of our donors. So once again, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your prayers and support. You are changing the lives of people you may never meet but who will always remember you in their prayers.

Update on the building

Because of the political instability it was difficult to get funds into the country. Banks were basically closed. We had to suspend the building for lack of available funds. Thankfully we were able to overcome that and continue construction.

Then a third wave of Covid hit us and again we had to suspend the work. However now our engineer tells me we can continue. We hope to be finished by the end of 2021 and by the grace God we hope to welcome our first women clients in January.

If you would like to support Fr Eamon Sheridan’s work, please send your donation to the Far East Office, Dalgan Park, Navan, Co Meath C15 AY2Y. Mark it for Fr Eamon Sheridan. Alternatively, you can donate online at or call 00353 46 909 8275.

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