Virtual cross-community church service to celebrate Columbanus

This year the Friends of Columbanus Bangor are hosting a virtual cross-community church service to celebrate the life and legacy of St Columbanus.

The cross-community, ecumenical service, entitled ‘A United Celebration of Columbanus’ takes place on Sunday 15th November at 7pm.

The recorded service has been filmed in St Columbanus Church, Bangor, Co Down, Northern Ireland with the support of the Church of Ireland, as well as the Catholic, Presbyterian and Methodist Churches.

The service incorporates readings and some beautiful and uplifting music, provided by choirs, singers and musicians from Bangor but also from other European countries.

The video includes reference to all the regions involved in developing the Columban Way.

St Comgall’s Catholic Church, First Bangor Presbyterian Church, Ballyholme Methodist Church and St Columbanus Church of Ireland all contributed to the service.

You can watch the service as it is streamed live on via Facebook, search for Columbanusni or click on this link: 

It can also be watched via Youtube: search for the channel Columbanus Northern Ireland.

If you are unable to watch it live on Sunday 15 November at 7pm, you can watch it in your own time at any time after this date on Facebook or Youtube.