Invitation to mission programme

Columbans have a tradition of inviting people to join them on mission. We believe that the missionary vocation in all its forms begins with baptism and needs to be nurtured throughout life.

Recognising that there is a desire among people to engage in mission in new and creative ways the Columban Missionaries have developed an Invitation to Mission Programme to nurture the missionary spirit and offer a first-hand experience of cross-cultural mission.

Invitation to Mission Programme is a short-term opportunity that enables participants to discover how serving the poor and working for justice are an integral part of living out the Gospel.

The first Invitation to Mission programme saw a group from Ireland and Britain travel to El Paso on the US border during Holy Week in 2015.  Since then, we have run further Invitation to Mission programmes and a mix of Columban supporters, educators, activists and co-workers have taken part in this learning experience. Recent programmes have included visits to Peru, Chile, Pakistan and the Philippines.

Preparation beforehand:

Participants in the Invitation to Mission Programme are required to commit to meeting two weekends prior to departure and one follow up day after returning. Thepreparation weekends include activities exploring Columban mission and spirituality, looking at issue of migration, intercultural learning and interreligious dialogue. It is also a chance to get to know the group that will travel together.

Costs: The participants are asked to pay for their return flights and arrange their own visa applications and insurance. Participants also need to be physically and mentally well enough to take part in the programmes. The Columbans generously subsidise the experience by covering the cost of food, accommodation and local travel.

If you’re keen on living out the Gospel whilst exploring issues surrounding faith, migration and poverty then please consider joining our next programme. For further details about the Invitation to Mission programme and to register your interest, please email Fr Padraig O’Donovan: [email protected]