Justice & Peace

Columban Missionaries believe that a passion for justice, a desire for peace, and concern for creation are fundamental to the living out of the Gospel in our world today. They are not optional elements but core components of our Christian faith.

Our mission is to work towards a more just, peaceful, and environmentally sustainable world by engaging in the all human and social and political processes that militate against these values.

We are guided by Catholic Social Teaching, our faith and the Gospel. We learn from the people we serve and are empowered by them.

The Bible and the Social Teaching of our Church on justice is rich in wisdom, challenging us all to work towards building a more just society, respecting human dignity, building peace, crossing boundaries of culture and in dialogue caring for each other and God’s creation.

Columban missionaries work in solidarity with the poor and the exploited earth, for justice, peace and the integrity of creation. As members of a missionary organisation working in 15 countries around the world, we are well placed to contribute to some key issues and link the global and with the local in Ireland. In particular, we focus on the international Columban JPIC priorities of Migration, Environmental Justice (water, food, and the extractive industries), Economic Justice and Peace.

As early as 1976 JPIC issues especially of poverty in the global south were becoming the focus of Columban work. The unjust debt burdens became a focus for action.

JPIC means living in right relationship with each other, especially with the poor and the exploited earth, of living out the Gospel call of live justly and to live in peace with all peoples and eco-systems.

The Columban document, Called to Communion (2013) states: “Our commitment to interculturality, interfaith dialogue, solidarity with the poor and the exploited earth is a participation in the Mission of God, calling us forward into communion with our triune God. Our proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus challenges us to build communities of peace.”

We focus on:
– Climate Change education and action
– Conservation of our planet
– Promotion of Food Security through Organic Farming
– Economic Justice joining national organisations tackling local and global issues
– Social Justice: human rights and working to promote respect for other peoples and traditions to end racism in all its forms

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