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The Far East is the official magazine of the Columban Missionaries in Ireland. It has been published continuously since 1918.

The Far East can help you better understand other cultures and religions, as well as the effects global economics and environmental degradation have on poor and marginalised communities around the world. It does this by providing an insight into the mission work of Columbans with those grappling with poverty, exploitation and inhumanity in the 15 countries where we work.

By subscribing to and reading the Far East magazine you are supporting Columban missionaries and participating in Columban mission.

In the magazine you will read stories of uplift, joy and challenge. There are tragic tales of our failed human condition; the poverty, exploitation and inhumanity that mars our earthly existence. Yet, in the midst of despair, Columban missionaries live in solidarity with ordinary people and, together, they move forward to improve people’s social, economic and spiritual lives, always with Jesus Christ as their guide.